courtney yezzi testimonials
"Courtney Yezzi is truly one of the most soothing souls you'll ever meet. She has the unique ability to combine healing and centering through yoga with the gift of words and reflection to create an incredible experience for each person who takes her classes. When you practice with Courtney, you find a salve for your soul that you probably didn't even know you needed until it's already going to work and doing its magic."
“I’ve been doing yoga for 30 years, and Courtney is honestly the best yoga teacher I’ve ever experienced. Although she’s extremely focused and knowledgeable about the body mechanics and asanas, she carries a lightness that brings joy and playfulness to the classes.  She is one of the rare people who shows her authentic heart in class while providing the absolute best in Iyengar yoga.”
-Jennifer Mason, Vitamin Chi Acupuncture

"Dearest Courtney has been my yoga teacher for eight years.  During that time, she has helped me deepen my practice, not only with her incredible expertise, but also with her enthusiasm and sense of humor.  She carries her students’ anatomy in her head and can spot a need for correction across the room.  Sometimes I watch her scanning the class, when she sees we are not exactly getting it, as we often do not, she starts over, demonstrating what we are supposed to be doing.  She moves us toward the posture, never pushing.  When I broke my elbow, she initiated a plan to help me strengthen my arm and be able to move into downward dog without pain.  Courtney understands our anatomy, our bodies, our personalities, our fears, our expectations, our souls.  She is the best."
-Stephanie Lee, age 71, practicing yoga for 20 years