Soften & Enjoy

Mar 2, 2019

Soften & Enjoy

You have hopefully heard it said many times that when we practice for ourselves we practice for the benefit of all beings. The effort, thought and energy we put into our practice first creates a positive impact on our life force and then goes out into the universe to create a positive impact on the world around us. Isn’t that amazing concept!?

If this is the case wouldn’t we want to practice next to the most positive, fluid thinking, relaxed, intelligent yogis in the room to catch that vibe first? Wouldn’t WE want to BE those yogis who exude life force energy and a peacefulness that UP’s the vibration in the room? Sure we ALL would and we all do want that for ourselves and want that for others. So how? Simply, LET GO and ENJOY.


One thing I emphasis in my classes to help get into that flow state of UPing the vibe and generating positive life force is to SOFTEN. So many of people come into the yoga room with very serious faces or rigid bodies ready for a good workout or to beat their overactive minds into submission for an hour. That tension and mindset can be palpable to others in the room and for sure is palpable to the formless spirit inside. When students are taking themselves too seriously in class I will ask that we all take a satisfying breath in and soften the outer form so the formlessness inside can start to move and enjoy itself. To allow the magical and medicinal properties of the asana practice to take over and move through us ALL. To allow the over tight, overworked and unnecessary tensors to RELAX and ENJOY the potency of the practice.


Many more of the magical benefits of asana will show up for us when we LET GO, stop taking ourselves so seriously and SOFTEN ourselves to happiness and even silliness at times so energy can flow through us with ease. As much as asana is about concentration and meditation it is about enjoying to the fullest capacity the TIME you have set aside to befriend yourself and learn yourself anew. This is one way we can UP our vibration and send it out into the world.

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