Receiving Guides to a Great Path of Life

Feb 17, 2019

Receiving Guides to a Great Path of Life

It’s rare for it to rain in San Diego, but when it does our mother soaks it up with joy and appreciation. Sometimes she is begging for rain and rain does not come. Disasters come, famish comes but not rain. And as we are just a small circle within the large circle created from the cycles of nature, the same cycles can be seen in our human lives. At times, when we are dying from thirst, there is no water. But just like our mother, when the rain does start to fall, we run out and throw our heads back with open mouths to drink and laugh at how miraculous it seems that the rain has come pouring down to quench us at the most perfect moment in time. Some call this coincidence, I call this seeing the magic in life. Whatever we choose to call these synchronicities, they are best to be recognized, as they are guides to show us we are on the GREAT path of LIFE.

I woke up this morning to the rain. I began to understand an amazing and funny symbolism that for the past two days, our city has been nurtured by water falling from the heavens as the rain has poured down onto her to grow a lush green coat, and for the past two days I too have been completely saturated and nourished with support and safety from all of my earth angels who have been making it rain down on me.

I am forever grateful to you for teaching me how to be more graceful in the art of receiving. Caregiving has always seemed natural for me; I think for it is something I have control over. Carereceiving has always seemed slightly uncomfortable. As I think for many of us, it puts us into a state of vulnerability and surrender like no other can. It is truly a beautiful art form. I pray that we all become masters of carereceiving because it is changing my every cell and allowing me the space to understand this healing process so I can emerge as a whole caregiver.

I appreciate you. I appreciate you. Your words, thoughts and prayers of kindness, love and healing have held me up and kept me feeling strong, safe and fill of life. I would not be me without YOU. It is true, I promise you, that which we see in others is only a reflection of our own truth. I see you. I love you.

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